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Transform your images with over 1000 skies

Sky Replacement Pack - Amazing Aurora

Amazing Aurora 6 Skies Preview

The Northern Lights dancing in ribbons of colour

Sky Replacement Pack - Blue Hour

Blue Hour 27 Skies Preview

The rich colours of twilight

Sky Replacement Pack - Blue Skies

Blue Skies 74 Skies Preview

Classic cloud formations

Sky Replacement Pack - Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows 11 Skies Preview

An arc of colour across the sky

Sky Replacement Pack - Dramatic Skies

Dramatic Skies 55 Skies Preview

High contrast cloud formations

Sky Replacement Pack - Golden Hour

Golden Hour 128 Skies Preview

Low sun and warm tones

Sky Replacement Pack - Long Exposure Skies

Long Exposure 71 Skies Preview

Spectacular cloud formations captured over several minutes

Sky Replacement Pack - Milky Way

Milky Way 15 Skies Preview

The core of our galaxy

Sky Replacement Pack - Spectacular Sunsets

Spectacular Sunsets 100 Skies Preview

Beautiful skies captured at sunset

Sky Replacement Pack - Star Trails

Star Trails 7 Skies Preview

A long-exposure visualisation of the Earth's rotation

Sky Replacement Pack - Starry Skies

Starry Skies 34 Skies Preview

The beauty of the night sky

Sky Replacement Pack - Stormy Skies

Stormy Skies 17 Skies Preview

Striking, tempestuous skies

Sky Replacement Pack - Stunning Sunrises

Stunning Sunrises 100 Skies Preview

Beautiful early morning skies

Sky Replacement Pack - Wispy Clouds

Wispy Clouds 116 Skies Preview

Delicate, beautiful cloud formations

Sky Replacement Pack - Looking Up

Looking Up NEW 50 Skies Preview

Skies captured looking straight up, suitable for architecture, aviation and wildlife photography

Sky Replacement Pack - Delicate Skies

Delicate Skies NEW 40 Skies Preview

Light and bright cloud formations

Sky Replacement Pack - Colourful Skies

Colourful Skies NEW 60 Skies Preview

Eye catching skies in a spectrum of colours

Sky Replacement Pack - Overcast Skies

Overcast Skies NEW 34 Skies Preview

Dark and moody clouds

Sky Replacement Pack - Warm Skies

Warm Skies NEW 60 Skies Preview

Gorgeous warm skies captured around the golden hour

Why this is the perfect sky replacement pack for you

Portfolio Quality Skies

Portfolio quality images

All our skies have been captured by professional photographers using the best equipment and filters.

Different Focal Lengths

Different focal lengths

Our skies are captured at a variety of focal lengths on full frame cameras, ranging from 12mm to 200mm.

Lifetime Royalty-Free Sky Replacement

Lifetime, royalty-free licence

Your purchase allows you to use these skies however you want in your personal and commercial projects.

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Transform your images.

Amaze your

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Your sky replacement pack will arrive as a large ZIP file containing all of the high resolution skies in the image format you selected. These can then be used with the automatic sky replacement function of Skylum Luminar 4 or Adobe Photoshop. You can also replace your skies manually using Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel PaintShop Pro or Capture One Pro. However, for the quickest and best results we only recommend these for use with Skylum Luminar 4 or Adobe Photoshop.

Check out these official sky replacement guides:

For Photoshop:

For Luminar:

Yes! You have a lifetime, royalty-free licence to use the skies as a component in your personal and professional photography work. All we ask is that you may not resell or redistribute our skies to third parties, on their own or as part of another package.

Once payment has been approved, you will receive a secure link to download your sky replacement pack. Please note that you are purchasing a digital download - no physical product will arrive.

No! Like any other Photoshop actions or brushes that you purchase to enhance your work, these are simply tools of the trade. Of course, if you like our product we'd love you to recommend it to others.

We split this sky replacement into multiple files to download, though these can still be up to 45 GB per file. We do promise the highest quality after all! Please check you have the fastest and most stable download speed possible and download each pack individually. In case of timeouts or connection errors, you are allowed three attempts to download each file. If you are experiencing problems, just contact us and we'll be happy to assist. We use Amazon S3 for file delivery ensuring stable downloads and the highest possible transfer rate.

At present Luminar does not support DNG yet, so the best image format for you is TIFF. For Photoshop, the best image format is DNG.

Click the 'Preview' button next to each pack, or select a pack from the menu at the top of this page, to view low resolution versions of every image in the pack.

The images were captured on a variety of full frame Nikon cameras, including the D800, D810, D850 and Z7. We then crop or clone out any undesirable objects from our images - such as buildings, trees or birds. The vast majority of our images are therefore between 30MP and 45MP resolution.

Sky Replacement is found only in Luminar versions 4.2 and beyond, or in Luminar AI.

Only Photoshop 2021 and beyond supports Sky Replacement. The feature is found by selecting Edit > Sky Replacement from the menu.

The TIFFs are supplied as 16 bit compressed files.

We provide files exported in sRGB color profile.

First, please check these FAQs above - many frequent questions are already answered.

Please also make sure your Adobe Creative Cloud and/or Skylum Luminar is up to date. This is the root cause of almost all the technical queries we receive.

The help pages in the menu give you specific guidance on how to use these skies with Photoshop or Luminar.

If you encounter any technical issues that these FAQs cannot answer, please email us and we'll be happy to help.

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